Dax Harwood addresses reports that WWE is interesting in bringing back FTR

During an appearance on the Wrestling Perspective podcast, Dax Harwood commented on the reports that WWE is interested in bringing FTR back to the company

“I think both companies are in the business of getting talent and getting talented talent, not just any talent, and I think they’ve [WWE] seen the wave we’ve made, especially in the last eight-to-ten months, more so in the last four months. So yeah, why wouldn’t they put the feelers out? Why wouldn’t think ask about it? Here’s the thing; we respect Tony [Khan] so much. We would never, in a million years, while we’re under a contract with the company, would we ever go behind his back and talk contract status with anybody else. No other company. We would never do that to him because have too much respect for what he’s given us and what he’s allowed us to do.”

“On the flip side of that, we’re gonna go where professional wrestling takes us, and wherever the best opportunity is for us and wherever we can build on our legacy. That’s the most important thing. Obviously, money is really, really cool. I’m allowed to take care of my wife and daughter. But whenever we initially got the contract offer from WWE, I called my grandmother and I told her how much it was, and I told her, ‘I think I’m going to turn it down’. And her exact words were, ‘David, how much money do you need?’ I was like, ‘Oh my god, she’s right’. My dad and my mom busted their ass to take care of me. If they can do it, I can do the same thing and I don’t have to do this. I do it because I love it. So we’re going to go wherever the love of wrestling takes us.” (quotes courtesy of WrestlingInc.com)