Dax Harwood addresses reports from wrestling journalists about him “complaining”

During his podcast, Dax Harwood of FTR addressed reports about him “complaining” and noted the following…

“I want the fans to understand this. These journalists, Dave Meltzer, Bryan Alvarez, even guys like Sean Sapp, who I do have a little bit of respect for, right? All these journalists who are telling you a story, right? They’re telling you a story from their living room, or from their studio. Or wherever it is that they record their fucking gimmicks. They’re not in the locker room. The people that are telling them, they’re the ones who are spinning the story. These people don’t see it first-hand. They don’t know *if* I’ve complained. They don’t know what happened with CM Punk and The Elite. They don’t really know. They know what they’ve been told. I’m not just saying those two instances, I’m saying for *everything*. They only know what they’ve been told, and the people that tell them are the exact same people that tell them everything all the time. And they tell them that with their own agenda in mind, right?”

“Whenever we started the podcast, right, and Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez were saying ‘oh, everybody is pissed off at Dax, oh, everybody is so mad at Dax.’ Do you know why they said that? Because I know for 100% fact who told them. And I know why they said that. Because one individual — and I’m sure there were people upset, I’m not saying that — and I know this because the locker room told me, one individual went into the locker room and *openly* said ‘I can’t believe he’s talking about that, I can’t believe he’s saying that, I can’t believe he’s doing that.’ That same individual went to the dirtsheets, and I know it for a fact, and said ‘I can’t believe he’s saying that, everybody is upset with him’ because they want that narrative out there. I guarantee you that the person that I’m talking about is the person or people you guys *think* that I’m talking about.”

“What I’m saying is, make your own assumption. Come meet us at a convention or whatever, and make your own assumption. Don’t do it through a dirt sheet or whatever perception you want to get from a journalist. Because I’m telling you right now, my quote-unquote ‘complaining’ is coming from a place of passion, because I want FTR to be the best they possibly can be, but above FTR, I want professional wrestling to be the best it possibly can be. And now I’ll get off my soap box from that (laughs). I hope the fans either listen to it and appreciate what I said, or just fucking fast-forward through this (laughs).” (quotes courtesy of 411Mania.com)