Dax Harwood addresses FTR’s relationship with Triple H while working for WWE

During his podcast, Dax Harwood discussed FTR’s relationship with Triple H while they were working for WWE as The Revival…

“We’ve all heard about Hunter as a wrestler, and everyone can formulate an opinion of what they think of him as a wrestler and what he’s done in the business. But he’s someone who changed the trajectory of my career and Cash’s career, and he did it by being a boss first, being a mentor second. I’ve said it before, we were never Hunter guys, and I will hold to that until the day we retire. But we were not Hunter guys.”

“Let me put a little correction on that. Not one of his favorites. I do believe that we were one of his favorites skill-wise, talent-wise, I think we were. But we weren’t one of the guys I think he wanted to build the company around or the brand around. I think he understood what we offered. I think I he understood how good we were in the ring, the stories we could tell, and I think he knew that we could be a piece to the puzzle, but I don’t think he wanted us to be the whole puzzle. He loved Gargano and he loved Ciampa, he loved those guys. Loved Fergal [Finn Balor], and those were his guys. So when I say we weren’t his guys, it’s not that he wasn’t a fan of ours, or we weren’t any of his favorite in-ring guys. It’s just, we weren’t the guys that I think he wanted to build the company around. Like I said before, Ciampa had [his number]. We were out for a couple of weeks, both of us got injured. I had surgery, and Ciampa was a little banged up, and Hunter would call or text him and ask, ‘How are things going?’ I had surgery and I’m sitting at home, and I’m trying to rush back because we’ve gotta come back to drop the belts to Gargano and Ciampa, and I heard nothing. So we weren’t Hunter guys. I don’t hold any ill feelings towards him because of that. We just weren’t. But I do think that he was a fan of our work. I know he was, he told us. I think that he was a fan of us as talents, just not who he necessarily wanted to build the company around.” (quotes courtesy of Colin Tessier)