“Dark Order” trends on social media as a member’s contract reportedly expires

According to Bryan Alvarez of F4WOnline.com, it has been confirmed that the contract of Dark Order member Alan “5” Angels has expired. Angels wrote “excited for what’s next” on Twitter and removed references to AEW in his Twitter profile. However, it’s believed that Angels will still be working with AEW on a per-date deal.

The term “Dark Order” became a trending topic on Twitter with fans reacting to the news. Here were a few of the comments…

@AndyNemmity: “We all make jokes about WWE wishing people best on their future endeavors, but at least we know what’s happening. People just disappearing is worse, especially for a well loved, organic team like the Dark Order.”

@PatrickEireWres: “Do I think TK could have done more with the Dark Order? Yes. Do I think it’s a travesty that he didn’t? No. They obviously didn’t want them to be saddled to Hangman forever and without a leader they were always going to struggle.”

@P1AllElite: “TK fumbled with Dark Order. They coulda been so much more.”