Daniel Bryan comments on Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks as performers

In an interview with Robbie Fox on the My Mom’s Basement podcast, Daniel Bryan gave his thoughts on Kenny Omega…

“I have a lot of respect for Kenny Omega and it’s not just the great matches that he’s put on. It’s also that he looks at wrestling differently than anybody else.”

“It’s just these completely new things that have entered his head that he’s daring to try.”

“When you look at say, Young Bucks, who you would think of in a similar vein; you can see where the Young Bucks take on wrestling is. It’s like a take off of, a genius take off of, wrestling that they loved when they were younger. Right? And mimicking it, but also evolving from that and evolving the takes from that. That’s why I think it resonates with so many people. The way that they wrestle.”

(quotes courtesy of WrestleTalk.com)