Damian Priest comments on WWE’s backstage changes with Triple H in charge

Damian Priest did an interview with the Gorilla Position podcast and here are the highlights…

The atmosphere backstage during Vince McMahon’s regime: “It’s just a little bit more fluent as far as the approach, getting to speak to him. There was this idea of Mr. McMahon, I think, more so than it actually was — like, everybody just thought that that guy on TV was the guy backstage, so there’s a nervousness to approach him and speak to him.”

How things have changed since Triple H took over: “Hunter was my introduction to the WWE. We came up with how I was gonna present myself on TV together, so there’s that familiarity. So I think for most, there’s a comfortableness because people have worked with him for so long. … He’s very much the boss but there’s just a familiarity and a comfortableness. It’s just a different vibe, so I would say that’s the biggest change that we felt.” (quotes courtesy of 411Mania.com)