Damian Priest comments on wrestlers being released by WWE

While speaking to the United Kingdom’s Metro newspaper, United States champion Damian Priest commented on WWE releasing talent…

“That’s the unfortunate part of life. Especially in a business where you’re living your dream – so it hurts, because we care about these people. We know they’re hurting, so we hurt. It’s unfortunate. It’s like that survivors guilt – you feel guilty, but at the same time… it’s an odd feeling. But then you come to the realisation – wait a minute, these are all incredible people! They’re gonna be fine! There’s that positive, and that’s always my sentiment. Well, now the world is yours. Go out and grab it!”

Damian Priest on ‘survivors guilt’ after WWE cuts and backing stars to thrive

Damian Priest has weighed in on the recent batch of WWE releases and admitted there is a feeling of ‘survivors guilt’ after seeing colleagues get let go.