Damian Priest comments on Tony Khan becoming the new Ring of Honor owner

Damian Priest, who previously competed in Ring of Honor as Punishment Martinez, did an interview with SHAK Wrestling and talked about AEW President Tony Khan becoming the new ROH owner…

“Initially, when they said they were gonna cancel contracts and take a break, honestly, it comes down to the boys and the girls. Like, these are friends. These are human beings. So initially, it sucks and it’s heartbreaking. I was like ‘oh man.’ People are out of work. But then the other side kind of kicks in and it’s like, ‘Man, but these people are too incredible to not be successful.’ You know what I mean? Like there’s too much talent. And clearly, everybody’s okay. Everybody’s fine.”

“With the purchase, it’s good. It’s going to stay alive. That’s good for the business. That’s good for everybody. And at least that legacy of Ring of Honor won’t die, you know what I mean? I think that’s always, that’s cool. And I don’t know whatever plans they have but hopefully, it just continues giving people opportunities for a platform to enjoy their lives and follow their dreams. So I’m all for it. I’m happy that things didn’t just fade away for that brand.” (quotes courtesy of 411Mania.com)