Dakota Kai addresses internet speculation regarding her WWE in-ring return

Dakota Kai, who is recovering from a torn ACL injury, has continued to make appearances on WWE television as part of Damage CTRL. During the January 29th 2024 edition of RAW, Dakota was seen without a knee brace and this led to internet speculation that she is close to making an in-ring return.

During a Twitch stream, Dakota addressed the speculation…

“I actually forgot my brace. That’s why I didn’t have it on, on Monday. That doesn’t mean anything. You’ve probably seen someone like Zoey [Stark], she still wears her brace. I will have to be wearing it when I wrestle, but I forgot it. Don’t read into guys. I literally forgot it.” (quote courtesy of Jeremy Lambert)

During a Royal Rumble weekend interview, Dakota told Denise Salcedo that she was wearing heels for the first time since her injury and stated “we’re so close.”