Could WWE end up moving the Royal Rumble to February in 2022?

Dave Meltzer of noted that the 2021-2022 NFL television schedule will have a “significant” impact on WWE programming in upcoming fall and winter months.

Monday Night RAW will be affected because the current plan is for Monday nights to have two different football games with one on ABC and the other on ESPN. In addition to that, Meltzer wrote that “Monday Night football will go one week longer and the contract allows for changing of the schedule in the last weeks of the season to where they will be having high-profile marquee games with greater frequency.”

The Royal Rumble PPV has always taken place in January, usually on the last Sunday of the month between the conference championships and the Superbowl. However, every Sunday in January of 2022 is scheduled to have a game and the conference championship is scheduled for the final Sunday of the month. The Superbowl is currently scheduled for February 13th which means the 6th would be the only open date that WWE could air the Rumble event and avoid football competition.