Corey Graves comments on possibly transitioning to a different role in WWE

In an interview with, WWE announcer Corey Graves commented on his future with the company…

“Now what else can I do? Is there some other role? I went and got cleared in the event that the need arises for me to fight somebody in the ring. I’m medically ready. Not in ring shape by any means! Nothing catastrophic will happen if that goes down. Now I’m kinda just, I want to say at a plateau but I’m looking at what else there is I can do. What else can I put my hands on? Is it creative, is it business, there are so many different facets of this company that I’ve learned since getting hurt that I probably would have never experienced just as a wrestler. Learning about marketing, why television works the way it does, television rights, this whole different realm which is uber important to the business, but everyone’s talking about what’s your finish, that was a great bump, that was a great match.

“There’s no shortage of new tasks for me to learn, I’m just at the point now to work out what that next step is.”