Corey Graves comments on PLEs taking place on Saturday instead of Sunday

During an appearance on the Throwing Down with Renee Paquette and Miesha Tate podcast, WWE announcer Corey Graves talked about WWE premium live events such as the Royal Rumble taking place on Saturday instead of Sunday…

“Having the Rumble on Saturday has done wonders for my voice because rather than rolling from Sunday night into Monday, with half a voice, I had a full day to recover. So I actually feel pretty great. It was quite a long drive from St. Louis to Cincinnati (Sunday). I know, I fell asleep instantly, that was on the list of potential things to do and it’s like, ‘Wow, I don’t know when the last time I had a chance to sleep this much was’. So I was making the most of this opportunity.”

“I think having that day in between is great for everybody, to have a chance to recharge a little bit. The energy in both buildings (for Royal Rumble and SummerSlam) I’d say was marginally different and more loud. Because it’s almost like, ‘Hey everybody, we’re going out on Saturday night!’ So everybody kind of leaves it all on the table and is a little more rowdy on Saturday nights. So far I’ve loved it, I’m a big fan, big fan. It looks like we’re going to be doing it semi-regularly in the future. So that’s exciting.” (quotes courtesy of