COO Mark Shapiro sets the record straight about Vince McMahon’s status with WWE and TKO

Earlier this week, it was reported that former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon sold 5,350,000 TKO shares for around $412 million dollars but will still own about 9% of all TKO stock. While speaking at a Morgan Stanley conference on Wednesday, TKO COO Mark Shapiro set the record straight about Vince’s status with WWE and TKO. Shapiro stated that TKO “did not participate in the recent sale of Vince McMahon’s load that he dropped off.”

Shapiro also noted the following…

“We’re not in conversations with McMahon. We don’t know his motives, his plans or his timeline. He doesn’t work for the company, doesn’t come into the office and he’s not coming back to the company. And that’s where we sit.”