Conrad Thompson talks about what is being planned for Starrcast 2022 weekend

During an edition of the My World with Jeff Jarrett podcast, Conrad Thompson gave fans a preview of what to expect at Starrcast 2022 weekend in Nashville, TN…

“The press conference will be this Thursday at 1PM Central. We have the mayor of Nashville. Mr. Crockett and Mr. Jarrett will be there, Mr. Flair will be there of course, and we have the voice of the Tennessee Titans (Mike Keath) joining us, plus we’ll save some great charities on hand. We’re announcing some really cool stuff. We’ve just added another superstar to the Starrcast lineup, and it’s a panel and a meet and greet. I’m not giving the spoiler here, but just follow us online to We are doing something different that we haven’t done for any Starrcast in the past. We are accepting mail-ins. So if you can’t, for whatever reason, make it to Nashville, you can still get your stuff signed. I’ve been talked into this for the very first time. It’s never been possible before. I want you to be in Nashville because wrestling history will be made.’”

“I don’t know if you saw this past weekend, but Nick Wayne tore it down with Will Ospreay, who a lot of people think is the best wrestler in the world. That happened at GCW. They’re bringing Psycho Clown, Jon Moxley, Bandido, and a whole bunch of others, all to Nashville during Starrcast on Friday night. But before that, Nick Wayne is going to have one of the biggest tests he’s ever had. The success of Nick Wayne has just blown everybody away. That’s happening the same day as the Roast of Ric Flair on Friday, July 29th.”

“This is the biggest, in my opinion, the biggest non-WWE, non-AEW event of the year. I think outside of WWE and AEW, this is it. When you see what we have planned for the full match card, because this show is not that you see Ric Flair wrestle and then you get in your car and you leave. You’re going to see a whole, action packed PPV. You’re going to get your money’s worth. When people start seeing the different companies that are sending people representatives that are represented at some of these matches, multiple for the first ever level dream matches with titles on the line with real implications, and it’s all happening at Municipal Auditorium.” (quotes courtesy of