Conrad Thompson comments on Ricky Steamboat turning down match with Ric Flair

As previously noted, Ric Flair officially confirmed that he will be coming out of retirement for a match on July 31st in Nashville which is the day after Summerslam in the same city. The match will be part of the Starrcast V event.

During an interview with, Starrcast’s Conrad Thompson commented on Ricky Steamboat turning down an offer to be in the match with Flair

“There’s no way for me to have that conversation with you and not be negative, or hurtful or rude and I am not going to comment on it because I think a lot of Mr. Steamboat and hold him in high regard. I know what really happened and he knows what really happened and I am disappointed that he put a statement out before we had an opportunity to put a bow on things. But, that’s not the whole story and what the whole story is, is nobody’s business I suppose. I appreciate his body of work very much and I am always going to be a fan of his, but I am not going to get into a, ‘he said, she said,’ mudslinging situation when it is someone that I know, like, and trust, and respect a great deal.”

“I do want to say though, I am not upset about the Ricky Steamboat thing. I know that sometimes, I said something the other day on Jeff Jarrett’s podcast, and boy it just got click baited everywhere. Just want to add the proper context here, lots of conversations have happened about, ‘what if,’ and we got everyone that we asked about it, everyone said, ‘yep, I am in.’ So, we have had conversations, but ultimately that’s not the match you’re going to see, but I have never said what the match was going to be. So, when people are saying, ‘what’s the match now?’ Well, what was it ever? There’s a lot of hypotheticals, we could say hypothetically right now next year’s WrestleMania is The Rock vs. Roman, everyone has said that hypothetically, but when has WWE announced that? When has Rock said that? It’s all just conjecture at this point.”

You can check out the full interview below…