Concern that there could be a “giant explosion” in AEW if CM Punk issues aren’t resolved

As previously noted, wrestlers in AEW are said to be in “an awkward position” when it comes to speaking out against CM Punk in regards to his various backstage issues. It was previously reported that multiple people in AEW were told to not show up for AEW Collision since the show’s debut including “Hangman” Adam Page, Ryan Nemeth, Matt Hardy, and Christopher Daniels.

There are people who are not affiliated with either The Elite or CM Punk who are said to be “very frustrated” that these incidents involving Punk keep happening, especially with AEW’s All In PPV coming up at Wembley Stadium. During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer of addressed the matter…

“Not one, but I’ve had two people who pretty much said, in the last two days that are not names anyone would come up with in this discussion, who basically told me like, this thing is going to be a giant explosion, it’s going to be terrible for the company unless it’s nipped in the bud right now, and when it happens, you know, you can see it happening, and whatever.” (quote courtesy of

Twitter account @TrevorDame wrote a Twitter/X thread that recapped more of Meltzer’s comments about the situation.