Cody Rhodes spoke with Triple H just prior to his WWE return at Wrestlemania 38

Cody Rhodes made his return to WWE at the Wrestlemania 38 PLE and defeated Seth Rollins. While speaking to media on Sunday morning, Cody talked about a conversation he had with Triple H just prior to the event…

“We did speak and I think Triple H did it in such a Triple H fashion. Everybody had come on that bus to say hello, talk a little bit about what may happen and the very last one was Triple H. My former assistant from AEW came as a friend and he was on [the bus] and he knows the world’s worst kept secret that Hunter is my favourite wrestler. That was a really, [starts to tear up] jeez, this has been a wild tear-filled weekend, but it was just a good moment. Also to see him healthy and I know the retirement came as it did but to do some justice to not only see my favourite wrestler and somebody that gosh I wanted to model so many things after and such. Seth being his protégée and to be able to give some of those fan service moments for the fans and also for Triple H.”

“That was really touching and especially, you’ve got to put it in perspective, I talked a lot of smack, I destroyed his throne, I was very loud. Very intent on getting angry, I was just angry and that was just a moment of no anger. Because why would I be angry? You guys are paying me this absurd amount of money and I get to be me? I get to be me and especially coming from where I had left here, there’s nothing to be angry about. It’s more of a matter of one chapter ended, a beautiful chapter in AEW which I’m so proud of, and then to start this new chapter here. I just kept saying out there finish, I wasn’t talking about the match, but finish as far as what’s next, what I started here, I have to finish if that makes sense. But I spoke right before with him and I’m very excited to see him.” (quotes courtesy of