Cody Rhodes says there is a “full focus group” for his promos

On the May 12th 2021 edition of AEW Dynamite, Cody Rhodes cut a promo to hype up a match against Anthony Agogo at the Double or Nothing PPV. As previously noted, Cody and his wife Brandi responded to fan criticism of the promo.

During an appearance on’s Wrestle Buddies podcast, Cody commented on the creative process of his promos…

“This is probably gonna sound not cool, because a lot of wrestlers–especially wrestlers from my dad’s era–will lie to you and say, ‘Oh, I just came up with that promo right there on the spot,’ which is bulls***. But whatever. I workshop my promos heavily for weeks on end. We have a full focus group for them, as crazy as that sounds. This is a data-based company, so I workshop everything I do. And because my promos have been held to a really high standard–people pick at them and find things in them and they put a microscope on them, which I love. With that in mind, when I was doing the promo I couldn’t come up with a finish.”