Cody Rhodes says that leaving AEW was a “far bigger gamble” than the 2018 All In PPV

During an interview with, Cody Rhodes talked about recent years of his life and brought up the 2018 All In PPV that led to the formation of AEW…

“When I left my former gig to come back to WWE, it was a far bigger gamble than ‘All In’ ever was. That’s why I get these ‘All In’ vibes when I think about WrestleMania because I certainly could have been the laughingstock of the industry. And going into the biggest event ever involved in the wrestling ring from any measurable standpoint is one part of life being great, blessed and lucky.”

“The other part is I have my family in terms of Brandi (his wife) and Liberty (his daughter), for them to come to this and experience this knowing that it wasn’t a life wasted. Every sacrifice I’ve made, early morning gym trip, times I wasn’t able to be home or won’t be able to be home, it’s not a life wasted in what we do and that makes this run just all the sweetest.”