Cody Rhodes reveals who he thinks was WWE’s Most Valuable Player of 2023

During an appearance on The Michael Kay Show, Cody Rhodes was asked about Shawn Michaels naming Dominik Mysterio as WWE’s Most Valuable Player of 2023. Here was Cody’s response…

“If I was looking at it from tickets sold, merch sold, excitement over matches, achievement in body of work, I’d say your MVP is, I’m not going to say myself, somebody else will hopefully say me, but I’d say Seth Rollins is somebody who is more the MVP.

Who am I to go against what Shawn Michaels said, though? If Shawn Michaels sees something in Dominik Mysterio, that’s huge because he’s not one that often will make that claim. Dom, as difficult as he is to get along with, he is incredibly linked to the audience. Dom Mysterio walks out now, he puts the mic to his lips, and you can’t hear a word he’s saying because they boo him out of the building. I have a sense that Dom will be getting that same reaction two or three years from now, but they won’t be boos, they’ll be cheers. There is something incredibly special about the young man, and I’m sorry I’ve had to beat him so many times. I look forward to what he does. He comes from good stock, obviously, and his future is perhaps brighter than anybody.” (quote courtesy of Jeremy Lambert)