Cody Rhodes reportedly “got the deal that he wanted” with WWE

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer of discussed Cody Rhodes’ contract with WWE and he noted the following…

“It was an easy decision if he could get the deal that he wanted, and he got the deal that he wanted. He got this complex deal that allows him to do outside things that a lot of people don’t have the ability to do. So, you know, that was part of it.

I don’t know all of the things that he’s got, but I know that he’s got that. I know that he can do the TV shows. He can do Go Big Show if he wants to and if they want him, and there’s no guarantee that they will still want him, but, you know, they might, and he can do whatever. Not Rhodes to the Top because Rhodes to the Top was an AEW show, but Go Big Show is a WarnerMedia show, but AEW has nothing to do with it.” (quote courtesy of

As previously reported, Rhodes described his WWE deal as possibly “the most complex document or contract ever drawn up in the history of our game.”

As seen during RAW, Rhodes made it clear that he is looking to win the WWE Title for his father Dusty.