Cody Rhodes on walking away from AEW: “It was the easiest thing I ever did”

WWE star Cody Rhodes did an interview with GQ Sports and was asked if it was hard to close the AEW chapter of his life since he helped start the company. Here was Cody’s response

“No, it was the easiest thing I ever did. And it’s because I had a personal issue that I wasn’t going through, over, or around. I was just going to steer clear of it. If anything, I wanted to look at what we had done at AEW and say, ‘Amazing, what a wonderful time, a beautiful memory, and very special in every way. And now it’s time to move on.’ You know, all good things. And it certainly was like that with me. So I mean it not in a negative way, like I was happy to burn rubber and speed out, but it just wasn’t a decision that was difficult for me at all. Or for Brandi.”