Cody Rhodes making return to WWE at Monday’s RAW in Jacksonville, FL?

As previously noted, there is said to be “uncertainty” about Cody Rhodes returning to WWE.

It has been speculated that Cody will end up being Seth Rollins’ opponent for Wrestlemania 38. This coming Monday’s edition of RAW takes place in Jacksonville, FL which is the home-base of AEW and during Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer of addressed Cody’s status…

“So here’s the situation. Obviously WWE wants him for Wrestlemania, time is running out, I think we have three weeks until Wrestlemania. So I know there’s RAW on Monday in Jacksonville. If he’s going to be at Wrestlemania, it would make sense to debut in Jacksonville if they have a deal which we don’t know about. If he’s not there I would assume the deal is not closed, because that’s the date they wanted him for. So, as far as we know he had stuff set up for Wrestlemania and it was off the boards a couple of days ago, talks are still going and I guess we’ll find out.” (quote courtesy of

Meltzer also noted the following on’s message board…

“Obviously WWE wants him this week and won’t be happy if he stalls, but it’s not like they are going to pull an offer if he wants to stay home for as long as he wants to stay home.

The only thing I know is that he had an idea to change his look, hated it visually, and got rid of the specific change. That’s not a tattoo reference.”