Cody Rhodes knew in advance that CM Punk would be returning to WWE at Survivor Series

Cody Rhodes appeared on The MMA Hour and was asked if he knew about CM Punk returning to WWE at the 2023 Survivor Series PLE. Here was Cody’s response…

“Nick [Khan] and Hunter (Triple H) both told me, got my opinion. I was ready going into WarGames. For him to come out and return in that fashion, I was really happy for him.”

“I feel like both Nick and Hunter have their finger on the pulse. Even if there was some bad business is the past. I mentioned the things that I had said. Nick, for me, he looked at me and explained to WWE and management, ‘Here is what Cody is and what he can do for us.’ I think he did the same, looking at it from my perspective, WWE in this era as hot as it’s ever been, why wouldn’t we want CM Punk? I got to share that moment at Royal Rumble with CM Punk, one of the most important superstars of my generation, I got to throw him out. I think he’s a great addition to the locker room. I feel terrible he tore his tricep. He has a whole run ahead of him. He’s been wonderful since he came back.” (quotes courtesy of