Cody Rhodes gives his thoughts on The Elite signing new contracts with AEW

During an interview Nick Hausman from the, Cody Rhodes commented on The Elite signing new contracts with AEW

“I’m very happy when any wrestler or Superstar gets paid. I don’t want to sound carny or hacky but to know that your peers and people who take the bumps and go through all this and have that type of the physical struggle that comes with this gig, to know they’re getting paid is really exciting. I am over the moon that that group did what they did because, as Nick Jackson said, I believe they’ve made some NBA money off of it.”

In the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer of noted the following about what The Young Bucks’ agent Barry Bloom told them…

“Bloom had told the Young Bucks that as far as he knew, this was the highest guarantee any tag team in pro wrestling history had ever gotten, and that would include the highest contracts for Kevin Nash & Scott Hall in WCW, although obviously comparing a 2023 dollar figure with late 90s in straight dollars doesn’t mean much given how much inflation has changed the value going that far back.”