Cody Rhodes comments on who he wants to have a match with after WWE Wrestlemania 39

During an interview with The AJ Awesome Show, Cody Rhodes commented on who he wants to have a match with after WWE Wrestlemania 39…

“If I was to be so, A., on my game, in the right spot at the right time, lighting striking, legit lightning in a bottle to be able to be the one guy who does beat Roman, because you gotta remember, Daniel Bryan and Edge couldn’t beat Roman at the same time. Kevin Owens, unable to do it. Sami, so, so close. Drew, Drew was almost closer than Sami was. If I was to be so lucky as to be the one to beat him, don’t want to look past him, but for the purposes of your question, there’s a couple. There’s three guys. We talked about one guy already, so we won’t even mention him. But two come to mind. One is [Gargano], and that’s because when I was with my former company, I always remembered kind of going head-to-head with him on Wednesdays. When I say that, out of respect, you had to oppose him with something strong because he delivers, and he’s a wrestler’s wrestler. He’s something that we’ve never had that singles [match], and I’d love to have that with him, just to see where I’m at, see where he’s at. Very curious, different styles. So that’s one.”

“The other one is Edge. I’ve told some people that before. I don’t think I’ve told Edge that because I don’t want to seem adversarial or confrontational. But I don’t know how much time Edge has left. He could do this forever if he wanted to. He’s in better shape than every locker room combined for some reason. But when I was on SmackDown, I remember was a really good locker room leader, a true locker room leader, would he able to pull you aside for a note here and there but wasn’t overbearing. But he looked at me as a child, a kid. Those people who look at you as a kid, you want to one day stand opposed and let them know you’re not a kid anymore. Lately we’ve been on the right side of things, for example with The Judgment Day and stuff, but he’s still one I’d love to just test it out, shake his hand and then find out who’s better at the actual wrestling that we do. Hall of Famer, he’s the real deal. He’s in that lofty air that very few are in. While he’s here, and he could be here forever, but while he’s here, I’d like to get that one.” (quotes courtesy of Colin Tessier)