Cody Rhodes comments on The Rock potentially interrupting his story at WWE Wrestlemania 40

Cody Rhodes did an interview with to promote the 2024 WWE Royal Rumble and here are the highlights…

His potential Wrestlemania 40 opponent: “I’m winning the Royal Rumble, and then I think we’re supposed to wait and say, ‘Hey, this is who I want to challenge,’ but if anyone’s been watching the story, then they know exactly who I want to challenge and when I want to challenge them, and right the wrong that happened at Wrestlemania 39.

The Rock potentially interrupting his story: “You mentioned ‘The Great One’ The Rock, nothing but respect for him. I went and saw ‘Jungle Cruise,’ I’m a Rock fan. I don’t think he’s the type that would come in and meddle with a story that’s been being told over the past two years. I think he’s probably up to something else, but you never know with WWE. I’ll be watching just like everybody else when I’m not wrestling.”

CM Punk: “As far as CM Punk, that’s one of the things that makes … the Royal Rumble itself so special is CM Punk also feels very strongly and deeply and passionately that he is gonna win the Royal Rumble. I don’t know if in the past there’s ever been this amount of top talent: Jey Uso, Drew [McIntyre], Sami Zayn, this amount of top stars who are vying for it and have a true opportunity.”