Cody and Brandi Rhodes respond to public message from Tay Conti

As previously noted, Tay Conti responded to a fan’s comment on Twitter that Sammy Guevara “upgraded” from his ex-fiancee Pam to her.

Tay later sent out the following tweet…

“Hey @CodyRhodes @TheBrandiRhodes when y’all coming back ? You left all the haters to me and @sammyguevara huh ?!!”

Both Cody and Brandi responded. Cody wrote, “Mediocrity loves company, and when you’re underrated everybody is your friend. Just do the work(like y’all do) wear the crown and smile. It’s still the best sport, the best fans, and ultimately it’s all worth it.” Brandi replied with a quote that stated, “And if they hate then let ‘em hate and watch the money pile.”