CM Punk says ‘let me paint my picture’ in regards to the pace of his AEW run so far

In an interview with, CM Punk was asked about when he will get in the ring with top AEW stars such as Kenny Omega. Here was CM Punk’s response…

“I’m an artist painting my picture. Let me paint my picture. What I’m doing is very calculated, it’s very thought out. I’m here to stay. Trust me, in 10 years, people will be talking about what we have with AEW. It’s such a just hang out, wait and see, and have fun and enjoy the ride kind of thing. Everything is fluid: dates, contracts — literally everything. This has been the best working experience I’ve ever had in the wrestling business, and if there is an issue on either end, everybody just talks. There’s no drama, it’s fantastic.”

CM Punk is scheduled to wrestle against Matt Sydal on this coming Friday’s edition of Rampage.

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CM Punk is 2-0 in All Elite Wrestling, and going for his third win Friday when he squares off against Daniel Garcia on “AEW: Rampage.” Let that sink in for a moment. Because to this reporter, it’s still kind of insane that CM Punk, whose real name is Phil Brooks, is back in professional wrestling.