CM Punk says AEW enjoys giving fans payoffs instead of ‘making them miserable’

During the AEW panel at the 2021 Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, CM Punk talked about his storyline with MJF…

“A lot of people think I’m off to a slow start in AEW. But to me and just what Adam Cole just said, there are five years with this stuff with all of the integrable characters and players. MJF is definitely somebody I wanted to share a ring with. I think now that we’re getting to it people can finally see the bigger picture. They can trust AEW as a whole for the direction where stuff goes. The fans I understand they want to know the behind-the-scenes stuff. They want to peel back the curtain. Everyone is an armchair booker. I am. Everyone is an armchair coach, quarterback, whatever. It’s human nature for you to watch sports and say, ‘why did you put this guy in?’ Why is he on the bench?’ You know blah blah. It’s no different I think with pro wrestling and with the fans.”

“To me, one of the best things about AEW is we enjoy the payoffs. We like making the fans happy instead of just for some reason making them miserable and doing stuff just to piss them off. Sometimes the happiest outcome is the most obvious one. We don’t really feel the need to beat anyone over the head with switching it just because they figured it out first. I enjoy making the fans happy. That’s one of the biggest–that’s like the juice for being a pro wrestler is getting reactions out of the crowd. When it comes to him and me you ain’t see nothing yet.” (quotes courtesy of