CM Punk praised by WWE Hall of Famer for speaking up and being a “straight up guy”

WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long did an interview with and here are a few highlights in regards to CM Punk…

Punk potentially leaving AEW: “Well, I had a chance to talk to Punk right after the interview, whatever, with the Young Bucks and all that, where he went off-script. But I did have a chance to talk to him. And the reason I talked to him was because me and him been friends for quite a while. Punk is just a guy… When they named him Straight Edge, that wasn’t just a character; that him. He’s a straight up guy, and if he feels that something is wrong, he’s just going to speak about it. And what I’m proud of is, he’s a guy that can speak. A lot of guys can’t open their mouths and speak because they’re worried about their jobs. So Punk wasn’t worried about his job. He’s said if he doesn’t wrestle another day in his life, I think he’s pretty much set. So for him to be able to speak up and let the people in the company know just exactly what’s going and how he really feels, and there’s a lot of guys I know would like to express how they really feel, but they can’t. So I just respect him for that, and I admire him for that. And like I said, they ain’t going to hurt Punk, but there is a rumor saying he may return to WWE. Who knows?”

When he spoke with Punk: “About two weeks after. Right after the interview. No, it wasn’t that one. It was about a week after the interview. I got the text on my phone when I talked to him… We text back and forth.”

If CM Punk was any different when they talked: “He was the same old guy. He was glad to hear from me. I guess he was surprised to get my text, because I don’t worry guys. I only text some guys like him that I’m okay with. Only on holidays and stuff, I’ll text them and say stuff. But other than that, I don’t bother them. So I guess he was surprised to get that text from me. And I just told him, ‘Congratulations, man. You did it again.’”

Claim that Punk divided the locker room: “Everybody has their own opinion about it. If it were me, if I was one of the young guys and I felt that whatever he said about me was wrong… But I’d have to go think about it myself. ‘Let me see. Well, let me make sure he’s wrong. Let me see. Let me go back and go over what I did to make sure it was right or wrong.’ So I think Punk just calls it like it is. And so for them to oust him, I don’t think that’s fair. But like I said, man, everybody has their own opinion. So if the locker room there is against you, they’re going to go to the boss, and they’re going to get you out of there, because I don’t think the boss is going to let one man stop the show.”