CM Punk described as “desperate” and a “total psycho” by people within AEW

As previously noted, new information was obtained regarding CM Punk’s backstage altercation with The Elite after the 2022 AEW All Out PPV which included a claim that Punk’s dog was injured.

Dave Meltzer of obtained quotes from people within AEW in regards to the claim. One person close to The Elite’s side said the following…

““A completely made up story. He’s (Punk) losing (in the investigation results) and is desperate. There was a multiple weeks long investigation and this was oddly not discovered? Hmm. Also, it’s so happened to be mentioned the moment there was news about (the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega) possibly coming back? It’s insane that people would even humor this.”

One person, who was allegedly in the room seconds after the incident started and isn’t affiliated with either side, said the following to Meltzer…

“The dog story is a complete lie. When the altercation was happening Punk was a total psycho. Kenny picked the dog up to save him from being hurt and gave him to Megha. Megha was holding the dog screaming at Punk to stop. Punk didn’t even register that his `baby’ was being held by a stranger in the middle of a fight. It didn’t stop him one bit.”

“They never spoke to Lucy Guy (the only person in the room who didn’t work regularly for AEW other than the security), cause she was a non factor. Sat in the corner the whole time as her husband was throwing chairs, punches and biting Kenny.”