CM Punk comments on the state of the wrestling business and his acting career

During an interview with to promote the series Heels, CM Punk talked about the state of the wrestling business…

“I think the older the stuff is the better. I think it’s partly unfortunate that WWE owns the super good libraries in pro wrestling. I think that stuff is classic and they don’t even put it on their network. They are sitting on it. I want to watch Austin Idol versus Jerry Lawler in Memphis. I do think the landscape of pro wrestling in general really needs a kick in the d***. I think we are about there. I think there are people out there stirring the pot and causing trouble in a good way. It’s a fun world. There is nothing like it. Pro wrestling gets crapped on by a number of people. But when it’s done on a high level and it’s really good, there is nothing better.”

Punk also commented on his acting career…

“I’ve gotten the bug to act. Really, it makes me realize through a show heavily involved in the world of pro wrestling I can draw from my experiences and be a better actor because of it. There are other experiences in my life, whether it’s triumph or tragedy, and realizing how I can use it in future roles to be a better actor to make characters come to life. I’m chomping at the bit to get back to work in front of the camera. I got a couple of irons in the fire, but I never talk about it until it’s done. You’ll just have to wait and see.”

CM Punk on Rocking a Mullet and Returning to the Ring for ‘Heels’

Ever since CM Punk put pro wrestling in the rear-view in 2014, fans wondered if he would ever return to the ring. Now the “Best in the World” has put those questions to rest, lacing up the boots again for the new Starz drama Heels , which premieres on Sunday, August 15.