CM Punk addresses the initials on his shoes and why Darby Allin is his first AEW opponent

CM Punk recently did an interview with to promote the AEW All Out PPV and here are a few highlights…

Q: You’ve also been writing initials on your sneakers at all the AEW events. Is there any insight you can give as to why you’ve done it and what they mean?

A: I stole this from LeBron James; a lot of basketball players will write messages on their shoes and stuff. I wrote AC on my shoes and CF on the other foot. AC is Always Chicago and CF is Chicago Forever.

Q: There are probably some softer landing spots for your first match than Darby just because of the style he wrestles. Why is he your first opponent and did you want to just jump back in with someone at his level and not get that soft landing people sometimes take?

A: I think he’s the perfect opponent. … I’m kind of approaching it like I’m quasi-new guy, but old head coming back into this thing. From an artistic storyline perspective, I can’t go after Kenny [Omega] right way. He’s the (world) champion. It wouldn’t make any sense. I never wrestled in this organization. Darby is a lot of things. He’s a fantastic talent, he’s a great personality. Within the AEW storytelling, he’s a very compelling character that the fans like. I just think he’s like the perfect foil right now. It’s a spotlight on, yes this CM Punk’s first match back in seven years. It needs to be a good match, right? I need a good dance partner. Darby is probably one of the best guys for the role, honestly.

Q: Does there still have to be the moment of showing the fans and proving to them, “I can still do this in the ring?” It’s one thing to say it, but it’s another thing to give them that match that shows them, hey I’m still CM Punk?

A: For sure. Seven years is a long time. I know there’s a contingent of fans out there that have this opinion that, “Oh he was never really any good. Oh, he’s not an athlete.” And that always kind of flummoxed me, especially my last year [in WWE] when I was just absolutely trash, hurt and unmotivated, I had the best year. Brock [Lesnar], Undertaker, (John) Cena in Texas. And that’s a hurt Phil. A motivated Phil ready to have fun I think is a very dangerous thing.

Motivated CM Punk feeling ‘very dangerous’ entering AEW’s ‘All Out’

CM Punk’s debut in All Elite Wrestling sent shockwaves through the industry. Now, the 42-year-old will step in the ring for his first match in seven years when he faces Darby Allin at AEW’s “All Out” pay-per-view on Sunday (8 p.m., Bleacher Report) from NOW Arena in Chicago.