CM Punk addresses AEW Rampage in Chicago and “Best in the World” tease

During an appearance on the Sunday Night’s Main Event podcast to promote the series Heels, CM Punk was asked if he would be appearing at the United Center on August 20th 2021 for the AEW Rampage episode. Punk said he had to check his calendar and then said the following…

“I think I might actually be doing a screening, this isn’t confirmed yet so I probably shouldn’t blast this out everywhere. But we’re talking about doing a screening of episode three of Heels at an AMC in Chicago and that’s one of the dates that has been proposed so I hope to see everyone there.”

Punk also addressed the “Best in the World” line that was made by Darby Allin…

“Best in the World, that could be anybody. That’s [Daniel] Bryan, right? That’s my assumption.”

Punk praised Allin by saying he is “great” and nobody can do a dive better than him.

Punk said that he did talk with Tony Khan when AEW was starting up by Punk wanted to “more or less took a wait-and-see approach” but added that he is currently focused on acting and not wrestling.