Clarification regarding the House of Black’s “house rules” in AEW

During the May 3rd 2023 edition of AEW Dynamite, The House of Black announced that they would be competing in trios matches under “house rules” in AEW. In a tweet, Buddy Matthews clarified what this means…

“Under house rules the following applies

1.20 seconds count outs:
Because you will not be safe on the outside, you will not run away when it gets hard.. we force you to be harder or force you to cave under the pressure.

http://2.No rope escapes:
Because the true nature of man is measured in its ability to withstand pain. There is no easy way out. You will fight or submit.

3.DQ is enforced:
You break the tradition you forfit your chance. The entire world will watch as you admit you do not have what it takes and must Live with this embarrassment your entire life.

4. Dealers choice:
you decide what the last rule is. Why? Because it’s fair. And balance is all we have.”