Claim made that Vince McMahon wanted Pete Dunne to be a guy that never wrestled

During an interview with MuscleManMalcolm, former WWE stars Mace and Mansoor discussed the Maximum Male Models faction. At one point, Mansoor mentioned Butch aka Pete Dunne while talking about Max Dupri aka LA Knight having a manager role for the MMM…

“LA [Knight] was super cool because he could’ve just said no but he didn’t. He tried to make it work. I remember talking about how much Vince [McMahon] was into this idea with LA and LA was just like ‘I don’t want to be a manager. I still got a lot left in the tank.'”

“Dude, Vince [McMahon] wanted Butch to be a guy that never wrestles. Vince wanted Butch, Pete Dunne, to be a scrappy little guy, who just attacks people, but he never wanted Butch to actually wrestle a match.” (quotes courtesy of