Claim made that Jim Cornette “hate watches” AEW to feed negativity for his “cult” followers

As previously noted, Jim Cornette said Matt Hardy is “selling his soul” by praising The Elite and Hardy responded to Cornette via Twitter. The heated online exchange continued on Sunday night with Cornette’s podcast host Brian Last getting involved.

During his podcast, Hardy addressed his relationship with Cornette…

“Jim Cornette had the audacity to say, ‘Because Matt Hardy and Chris Jericho were involved in the Stadium Stampede match, I can no longer be their friends.’ Interesting. I can no longer be their friends because they’re in a wrestling match. I’m their friend, and I liked them as human beings and I thought they both had potential and I wanted to see them excel and do pro wrestling, but now because they’re doing a pro wrestling match that isn’t my cup of tea, I can no longer be friends with them.”

“I mean, is this real life? Who says that? Who thinks like that? At the end of the day, pro wrestling is entertainment and it’s just dumb pro wrestling, especially if you’re in the business. You know, just what it comes down to, Jim Cornette has got his schtick to do. Right now, he’s not a hot commodity. No one is looking for him right now to be a booker in their promotion or whatever else, and I’m sure he wants to be home. I’m sure he wants to be retired and he does have a successful podcast, but his whole schtick, his whole bit is going in there and hate-watching AEW and saying all the negative things he can to feed all his cult of Cornette followers, this dissension and this hatred and this negativity that they can slurp up like zombies. That’s what he does. That’s how he makes his money now, but the fact that he was willing to just throw away relationships with myself and with Chris Jericho because we were in the Stadium Stampede match, a match that wasn’t his cup of tea, I mean, that is just asinine. It is mind blowing and that says a lot more about him than it does about me or Chris.” (quotes courtesy of