CJ Perry off AEW television again due to continuing issues with her finger

AEW personality CJ Perry missed the December 16th 2023 edition of Collision due to an infection in her finger and ended up undergoing surgery.

Perry returned for the Worlds End PPV but is once again off television. Via Instagram, Perry noted that she was returning to the hospital due to complications with her finger’s healing process and the infection possibly coming back. Perry wrote the following…

“Karma is purring in my lap …. But worth it to make sure @andradealmas was sent off properly at #AEWWorldsEnd @aew. Second surgery next week. Draining mersa daily. Flesh and scabs cut out of my finger again today. Antibiotics again. Possible full blown second surgery next week 🥹😭🙏🏼 but I would risk it all again for my ex clients, future clients and current clients.”