CJ Perry (Lana) comments on how Miro has been booked in AEW and WWE

During an interview with Busted Open Radio, CJ Perry (Lana) commented on how her husband Miro has been booked in AEW and WWE…

“I think there’s this illusion at AEW that the talent book the show — that was definitely the conversation. Like, ‘Oh, you go there, you’re going to basically become whatever you’re made of.’ But at the end of the day, he’s booking the show … Tony Khan, he has his favorites, and he’s going to push the favorites just like Vince would push his favorites, just like Hunter [Triple H]’s going to push his people.”

“I feel Vince [McMahon] really valued him in that way and saw that. They hit heads a lot of times towards the end on creative differences; Vince really wanted him as a villain, and Miro really wanted to explore this new world. Again, I just take it like I do Hollywood like it’s casting … We’re hired talent, so if you really don’t like the person that you’re working for, then go start your own wrestling promotion. See how that goes for you.” (quotes courtesy of WrestlingInc.com)