CJ Perry (Lana) comments on how AEW is different from WWE

During an appearance on the In The Kliq podcast, CJ Perry (Lana) commented on how AEW is different from WWE…

“Well, I think it’s just an alternative show. You know, it would be like comparing an ABC medical show to a CBS medical show. It’s a different network. It’s a different genre and every network has, like a little bit different style shows, you know, CW versus HBO and Nickelodeon versus Disney, and so I think like just an alternative show, I think in my opinion, it’s much more sports driven while WWE is a little bit more soap opera driven, you know, where we resolve our conflict in the ring. Yeah, you’ll have the title matches. It’s just I saw a lot more entertainment, emphasis on entertainment, versus professional wrestling here. You know, we get the same professional wrestlers here while over there they are Superstars and it’s awesome. I get excited because I feel like if you’re ready to put your entrepreneurial hat on and grab that diamond ring, you know, forget the brass ring, that diamond ring, you’re gonna grab the diamond ring. If you’re ready to, like, do it all and really work your butt off, I think like, the sky’s the limit over at AEW.”

“I always like to compare professional wrestling to just normal scripted television or even reality television and the more options, the better. It makes everyone better. It makes the writers better, production better, talent better, and so it’s really an exciting time. I think the most important thing in my opinion in both shows is the story. It doesn’t matter if one you have weddings in it’s like over on the other side or you have more matches driven over here, it still has to be story driven. We see that on TikTok. We see that on Instagram reels. We see that on YouTube. People connect with the story, not just like a random video. Yeah, it can go viral, but like, how people grow and you create a community and fan base is a story. I’m hoping to help over there with AEW too, and how to even tell those wrestling stories on social media more as well.” (quotes courtesy of WrestlingNews.co)