Christopher Daniels opens up about never being signed by WWE

In an interview with Chris Van Vliet, Christopher Daniels commented on never signing with WWE despite making appearances in dark matches and shows such as Shotgun Saturday Night…

“They weren’t buying what I was selling, and I get that. You look at the way the light heavyweight division was emphasized or how little it was emphasized at the time. You know, it’s all about timing. Like when I was available and ready to go, there wasn’t really a space for guys like me. They were struggling with just to have Taka and like, and Águila. And some of the other guys that were smaller stature. Those guys would, every once and a while, be on television. So they weren’t like, added to that.”

“Then all of a sudden in 2010, all of a sudden they were like, ‘hey, let’s get smaller guys and give those opportunities.’ By that time I was sort of either filmy entrenched with either TNA or Ring of Honor. So, there wasn’t really a moment where I was free and clear.” (quotes courtesy of