Christian Cage

Christian Cage comments on what is the “most important aspect of being a true villain”

During an interview with Swerve City Podcast, AEW star Christian Cage commented on what makes an effective heel in wrestling…

“To me, the most important aspect of being a true villain is having no redeeming qualities, you’ve got to throw those out the window. You learn those from classic heels, villains like a guy like The Iron Sheik … he was ahead of his time almost with some of his mannerisms and his delivery and his persona. He was a true villain and a trailblazer.”

“As long as you’re delivering it and you believe what you’re saying and you believe it with every ounce of your being, for you that’s true and you’re right and you’re justified, even though it’s probably wrong. That’s how I look at it.” (quotes courtesy of