Chris Jericho talks about NXT no longer being on Wednesday nights

In an interview with, Chris Jericho commented on NXT no longer being on Wednesday nights and how AEW feels…

“We’ve never really worried about what NXT was doing. I know WWE NXT was watching our stuff during their show, but this was not a war that we were ever asking for, we were kind of thrust into it by proxy. The reason why we won it and won it so handily, is we never worried about what anybody else was doing, we just worried about our own show. I think the best thing about being unopposed is there’s been a lot of shows that we’ve done with some great segments and some great moments that might have been missed because people were switching back and forth.”

“Of course we’re competitive. Yes, we wanted to beat NXT. Yes, we wanted to drive them screaming and yelling away from Wednesdays and we did that.”

Chris Jericho Talks WrestleMania 37, AEW Winning The Wednesday Night War

Fresh off his head-turning appearance on the WWE Network’s Broken Skull Sessions, former AEW world champion Chris Jericho has no problem fraternizing with what many consider to be the enemy. Despite an intense back-and-forth between fans of both WWE and AEW, Jericho has taken a more peaceful approach to the so-called Wednesday Night War.