Chris Jericho opens up about backstage incident with Brock Lesnar from 2016

During an appearance on the True Geordie podcast, Chris Jericho commented on a backstage incident with Brock Lesnar after Lesnar competed against Randy Orton at the 2016 Summerslam PPV event…

“He was doing a match with Randy Orton and he was, basically, butchering him with elbows to the head. I didn’t know if it was planned or not and nobody would tell me if it was planned or not. Wrestling is a hard-hitting sport, but elbows to the side of the head can kill you. If you get hit hard enough in the temple, you can die. Ever heard of David and Goliath? That’s how Goliath died, from a fucking rock to his temple. When he was hitting him with the elbows, I was like, ‘if this is real, this is bullshit. If it’s been called, it’s still bullshit. He’s taking liberties and pissing me off.’ I was in Gorilla and I was fucking angry about it.”

“Brock came through and saw me angry about it and decided he wanted to come challenge me. We got into a little bit of an issue and I was like, ‘Fuck this guy, I don’t give a shit how big he is, I don’t care. He’s fucking wrong.’ I will fight to the death and stand up for what I believe in, to the death. I remember being, literally, nose-to-nose with the guy, and he’s laughing and saying things that would probably get him canceled, homophobic terms that you shouldn’t say. I was like, ‘fuck it. I’ll bite his fucking nose off.’ I see his giant fat nose and I’m like, ‘If he comes any closer and takes a swing at me,’ I’m not even saying this as a tough guy, I’m like, ‘I’m literally going to bite his fucking nose off.’ I remember Haku had done that, he’s a good friend of mine. I’ll bite his nose off, and see how tough he is then. He might kill me, but he’s going to walk around the rest of his life with no fucking nose. I didn’t care about the homophobic thing, I didn’t give a shit, I wasn’t falling for it. It had gone to the next level, it’s kill or be killed, and I’m going to bite your fucking nose off. Triple H had to break it up, we both told him to ‘fuck off,’ which is hilarious. Then Vince (McMahon) got involved and he basically broke it up and told me that he told Brock to do that. No one said anything before that. Whatever the reasoning was, it’s between Brock, Randy, and Vince. It’s none of my business, but when it got down to the confrontation, it was real. had it gotten to the next step, I swear to God, I would have bitten his nose off. You can crush my face, but I’ll bite your nose off.” (quotes courtesy of