Chris Jericho believes he has a lot of “haters” because he’s still performing “at the highest of levels”

During an interview with Chris Van Vliet, Chris Jericho said the following about his critics…

“If I died tomorrow, everyone would say I’m one of the greatest of all time, I think because I’m still here, still doing it at the highest of levels, there’s a lot of people online that just hate that. So if Chris Jericho says the sky is blue, I’m an asshole because this guy says it’s obviously red. So you deal with that. Like, there’s a lot of Chris Jericho haters right now. It’s kind of in vogue to hate Chris Jericho, for whatever reason. And once again, I’ve never cared. I mean, sometimes it gets to you, but I only judge myself.

Am I still able to have the best match on the show on any given night? Yes. Not every night. But on any given night, am I still doing entertaining segments and having great matches and thinking of ideas and building the company and helping build others? Yes. When that starts disappearing, then I’ll reevaluate. But for now. I mean, dude, I don’t know, at the risk of not sounding humble. I don’t know who’s had a longer career than I’ve had with as much diversity, evolution reinvention. And actually, just the opponents that I’ve had. I mean, I don’t think there’s anybody in the history of the business who has worked almost everybody. I worked Dick Murdoch. And I worked with Takeshita. I worked with just like anybody in between that kind of falls in there. You name somebody of top value from the last, let’s say, the mid-80s till now, and I’ve worked with 99% of them.” (quote courtesy of