Chris Jericho and Amanda Huber publicly call out Samuray Del Sol over spelling mistake

As previously noted, former WWE star Kalisto (now known as Samuray Del Sol) made his AEW debut on the November 3rd 2021 edition of Dynamite.

Del Sol wrote the following on Twitter regarding the match and mentioned the late Jon Huber aka Brodie Lee…

“Prayed and talked to John(Brodie lee) before my match.. thank you for showing me your home @AEW and giving me the strength and energy I need it today 🙏🏼 forever your in my heart Hermano…”

Chris Jericho quote retweeted and noted that Del Sol spelled Jon’s first name wrong. Jon’s widow Amanda also commented on the matter and wrote that she feels like “it’s reasonable to expect a level of respect of spelling someone’s name right if you want to name drop them”.