Chelsea Green reveals pitch she made to join up with WWE tag teams

During her recent podcast, Chelsea Green talked about which wrestlers on RAW or Smackdown she would have been interested in pairing up with on television…

“RAW would be Miz or Morrison. SmackDown would be Ziggler and Bobby Roode. I say these four, first, because they are Matt’s (Cardona) best friends, so I feel comfortable with them. I think all four of them are amazing wrestlers in different ways. I actually tried to be a part of both of their tag teams when I was there. That was one of the pitches I had to Vince, mostly to try to join Ziggler and Bobby, because I felt that was a vibe I could go for, but I definitely pitched to be with both of them, but obviously, that was turned down.

From NXT, Sam Shaw, or Dexter Lumis, whatever you want to call him. Sam has been such a good friend of mine since I started wrestling in America. Him and I rode together from Florida to Tennessee to do shows in Clarksville. We would be in the car for 10-12 hours, and he’s just awesome. His family is awesome, his wife, and everything. I just think he’s a good guy, and he deserves all the success in the world. Outside of just being personally my friend, I always dug his character. I think the Hot Mess and his characters, no matter where he’s been, the creepy bast*rd, it resonates with me. I love character work, and we connected on that level as well. I think it would have been cool if we were partnered together in NXT in a weird, obsessive storyline, where we were both obsessed with each other, but trying not to be. I feel like there’s so many ways you can go about that, or one is obsessed with the other, and turns the other one crazy. That would be awesome.” (quotes courtesy of