Chavo Guerrero talks about the “art of heat” and says “real issues create real money”

As previously noted, Chavo Guerrero stated during a virtual signing that “we’re tired of people prostituting” the family name “for their benefit.” Guerrero later said he was being a “heel” in regards to his comments.

While speaking to Chris Van Vliet, Guerrero elaborated on the matter…

“Look… I’ve said it before and Vince [McMahon] 100% believes this just like Jerry Jarrett [did as well]. Real issues create real money. This is nothing that I didn’t do in 2007, it’s the same thing, ‘You wanna be a Guerrero, you’ll never be a Guerrero, you’re jealous of us’, and that whole thing and people just latched onto it. Well, did they forget? I don’t know, but what happened was I did a virtual signing from Nick with Captain’s Corner and uh, and somebody asked if I was happy about Rey Mysterio coming out at WrestleMania with the Los Guerreros music, my voice, Eddie’s voice, we recorded that. Viva La Raza, that was our voice. So I kinda looked at [Nick], and he looks at me so I just start playing with it a little bit like I’ve done. Right before that in the interview, I had said I’m all about love. I think he gave me a bud light, so I was drinking a bud light and I said ‘Isn’t Bud Light doing the LGBTQ thing? I don’t know why everyone is so mad about it, who cares. If you’re cool then you’re cool, if you’re a jerk then you’re a jerk.’ Nobody’s listening to that part, everyone just wants to hear what they want to hear. So I said that and kind of tongue in cheek, we kind of laughed talking about how Dominik is probably a Guerrero and it was 100% sarcasm. When we got done, Nick looks at me and he’s like, ‘Wow’, I was like ‘C’mon man, total work’, and he’s like ‘Man, it was like real, like people could really jump onto that’ and I told him [to] just watch.”

“It’s the art of heat. People forget that.. Yes, I’m doing stuff in Hollywood, but I’m still a pro wrestler. That’s what has fed my family for over 85 years, over 85 years is pro wrestling. That’s the only thing. I’m doing pro wrestling stuff in Hollywood, but I’m still connected to that world. So I just had a little fun and people still, I mean literally I just had somebody else telling me… I could pick up my phone right now and just start going through the tweets. They don’t wanna look at the other tweets where I put like okay guys, wasn’t real. They’re like ‘Yeah, you’re just backtracking’. Oh my god, are you guys really that easy? I love wrestling fans because they’re that easy. They want to believe anything they want to and I don’t know anything else like that, except for maybe a soap opera. They want to believe so bad.” (quotes courtesy of Skylar Russell)