Charlotte Flair comments on Andrade’s departure from WWE

In an interview with, Charlotte Flair talked about her fiance Andrade’s departure from WWE…

“I’m just so motivated and inspired by his decision. It was his dream to be in WWE, but I think he knew and felt he wanted more. He could get more and maybe going and showing his worth and working on things that he needed to like his English, that’s what it was going to take to be where he wants to be. To do that on his own accord and not be scared of the future but to know that he’ll succeed and one day come back, I don’t know if that’s what he’d want to do. But he wants success.”

“He wants the platform. He wants to get better. He wants to main-event shows. To see him come out the other night when he debuted, full-blown star. You can’t deny him, he is a star. Working on his English, I know things are going to get bigger and better and brighter for him and I support him 100 percent. It’s really inspiring to watch. He just went and did it.”

Charlotte also commented on her character since returning to WWE television…

“I always want to be a heel,” she said. “When I came back after WrestleMania, there was no questioning what I am. There’s no questioning what side [I’m on]. All that frustration, all that confusion, and laying it all out there. I really feel that has [been] portrayed throughout my promos. You can only do so much in the ring, and having that ability to have the mic has really helped with somewhat of a character wrinkle for me since April.”

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Hell in a Cell Graham GSM Matthews @@WrestleRant Twitter Logo Featured Columnist Credit: Love her or loathe her, WWE’s Charlotte Flair is without question one of the biggest stars in the wrestling world today. With everything she has accomplished inside the squared circle over the last eight years, she has more than earned the right to put herself in that elite category.